About Us

A brief history...
Abc was first opened in 1994 As a company formed by John and Hazel Crewdson. It was called ABC Laser Cutting Pty. Ltd.
Our Official opening was in September of that year.

It was set-up as a contract cutting business that supplies cutting services to many different industries. As the company evolved a CNC ROUTER was purchased in 1996 and a WATERJET and second Laser added to our inventory in 2000. The company also removed the word ‘laser’ from our name at this time as we now offered other services. In 2004 the company was purchased by David and Rohan in a management buyout. David has been part of the company since 1996 and Rohan since 1999. In 2007 a new Bystronic laser was purchased which brought ABC right up to date with current technology.

What we do

We are a contract cutting business that still supplies a variety of industries, with the additional advantage that with the equipment we have today, we can cut almost anything. We do not, however, fabricate and fold as a lot of our customers are fabricators and sheet metal workers; they like the idea that there can be no possible conflict of interest.

Quality System

Abc has an internal quality system that is audited by an independent auditor. We have a terrific MRP package called ITMS that gives us real-time tracking of jobs and full data recall of your parts. This system is fully backed-up off site so you know your files are safe.

Internal quality system