Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has great edge quality, its fast and cheap, and is easy to program.

It's a process industry can no longer do without and as parts can be re-produced very accurately once you changeover to laser cutting you will never go back.

Laser cutting is good for small to medium Batch sizes; from 1 offs up to a couple of thousand it is the preferred method of cutting. It gives you the option of changing the part shape with no cost penalty, unlike solid tooling that cannot be changed once it is made.

It is generally the least expensive or the profiling systems here, so the old maxim applies; if it can be lasercut, you lasercut it, if it can't be lasercut you look at other processes.

Laser Cutting Parts Cut by Laser Laser Cutting 25mm Metal Cut by Laser Laser Cutting Purspex Cut by Laser